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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Party Like A Viking!

So, Friday night, I went to see a little movie called Thor. Let’s just say the guy playing Thor, Chris Hemsworth, is easy on the eyes. I could have watched the whole movie without any audio, as long as Thor was just... doing stuff. I would've been content just to look at him for two hours. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t spend more time shirtless, but those are the breaks.

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I didn’t really expect the whole mythology mixed with Science Fiction theme either, but I enjoyed it. The graphics were great, costumes fun and sets even better. The fact that it was set in a mythical world juxtaposed with a podunk town in New Mexico was kind of fun. The UFO theorists (notice I didn’t say “UFO nuts”) will like that. And even in the futuristic Odin/Thor otherworld, they still rode horses! Awesome. (You're supposed to sing the word Awesome in falsetto when you read this.)

I enjoyed all the characters really, the supporting actress Kat Dennings/Darcy, was a kick with her taser. I gotta get one of those. And Natalie Portman wasn’t bad as the female lead either. But Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, definitely stole the show. He wasn’t the sharpest tack in the beginning of the movie, but of course by the end, had matured and learned valuable lessons. His father Odin is Anthony Hopkins, who also played Hannibal Lecter... There’s an interesting career... cannibalistic serial killer and uh... Norse God. He must have a great agent!

The only thing better than watching Thor with his big hammer, was essentially watching him mud wrestle with another brawny guy in the pouring rain. Take that, guys who like to watch women mud wrestle. It was a sight to see.

I’ve referred to my attraction and fascination to Vikings before. Everyone who’s read the blog probably knows I’m searching for my very own Viking. I think I’m so obsessed with them because they just don’t really exist anymore. Not in the authentic 900 a.d., battle helmet, have claymore--will travel form anyway. Bikers are a bit like Vikings. They (sweeping generalization) like to drink, fight and protect their women. And they ride iron horses, so there's something. There are Viking references in literature and entertainment these days as well. One in particular is Alexander Skarsgård who plays a Viking turned Vampire in True Blood which is an adaptation of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Both series are very different, but equally excellent. I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys a good supernatural story.
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I don’t know which Viking I like better actually, the science fiction Thor or the Viking Vampire Eric, but I wouldn’t mind seeing either of them in tiny red underpants.

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Another thing that I like about Vikings is that they basically lived each day to it’s fullest. They enjoyed a good pillage, a big cask of ale and a plump wench. What’s not to love? There's a great line in the movie that I will carry with me. It symbolizes this zest to grab life by the horns or “horny helmet” as it were, and to live it for all it’s worth.  “We drank. We fought. We made our ancestors proud.” Twenty First Century translation... “We partied like Vikings”.

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