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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Gladness

Dear Spirit,
As I sit in front of my zombie movie enjoying my non-traditional Thanksgiving with my dog Hairy, I realize that I want to take the time to thank you for a number of things.

I recently discovered that I have a brother and sister-in-law who are beautiful and extraordinary people. By recently, I mean within the last few years. As a little girl, an only child, I wished for an older brother. I didn't realize that this was basically an impossible request because when you're little, you don't know how big brother's are actually made and that they have to be born BEFORE you. But, Spirit, you surprised me and granted my wish anyway. You just didn't tell me about it, so I'm grateful to know now and proud to call him, them my family. Oh, and I'm also grateful to know his mom. She's beautiful too.

And, Spirit, you've brought people into my life just when I've needed them. I hope that you've put me in the path of others as well, when they needed me. I don't always understand why they go, sometimes permanently, and you could make that a little easier you know. But I know you must have a reason. Each person I come in contact with changes me or teaches me something. Whether I like them or not is irrelevant it seems because I learn from all of them.

One may teach me math, another fun, another respect. Some teach me to value myself and some are reminders to stand up for myself. They are all purposeful. And I'm grateful for each and every one, especially the ones I call "friends".

And Spirit, you've also given me challenges. Let's just say I'm never happy about them at the time, but I always understand them later. I try to remind myself that with every challenge there is eventually joy and happiness again and it seems even sweeter.

For all of the material things, I thank you as well. I'm grateful for a warm bed and a roof over my head even though it leaks it little. I know the people in my life are extremely grateful I have clothes to wear, as am I. No one wants to see a pantsless Lori, trust me on this.

And thank you, Spirit, for me. For giving me strength, hope, tenacity and kindness when I need them. Again, do I really need so much strength and tenacity? Even still, I am grateful.

And thank you for the ridiculous things that I just enjoy, like zombie movies, feeling the sun on my face, warm cozy boots, bubble baths and smelly candles. These things are good too.

Most of all, thank you for Hairy. Because when I forget to be grateful, his "dog-ness", the spontaneity and joy that are inherent in his nature, remind me what's important.

For all of these things, and the things to come, Spirit, I am grateful.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.