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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not THAT Girl... a Lifetime of Wardrobe Malfunctions

Something Borrowed
So, I went to a movie last week called “Something Borrowed”. All in all it was a good movie, great humor and a twisty story, although the end was fairly predictable. I won’t give anything away because this particular entry doesn’t really have anything to do with the relationships in the movie...

Instead, I want to talk about the wardrobe. Throughout the movie, the women were impeccably ‘put together’. Perfect hair, makeup and fashion ensembles. Rain, sun, falling down... doesn’t matter, they’re always perfect. We always see this in movies, don’t we? I actually know some women like this in real life as well. I’m sure I’ve just missed their ‘bad moments’. At least I tell myself that and it makes me feel a little better.  For the life of me, I can’t seem to pull myself together like that. Let me tell you a few stories.

Last week, right before I saw the movie in fact, I was out in my yard putting in some new pavers to make a walkway to the driveway. By the time I was done, I had dirt everywhere. I think I had enough up my nose to pot a plant. In addition to that, there was dirt in my hair and even down my bra for gad’s sake. And so, as I watched the ladies on the screen daintily move through life I laughed out loud... and of course, I did so at completely inappropriate moments.

I’ve had so many of these issues over the years, I don’t have room to share them all. But here’s another. A couple of weeks ago, I caught my pants on the seatbelt of my Jeep and ripped a huge hole right in the butt of the pants! Thank gawd I was wearing a fairly long shirt because my driveway is on a busy street across from a kid’s baseball park. I’m sure if anyone would’ve seen me, I’d be on a ‘bad’ list of some kind. Instead, I very gingerly turned my butt toward the car, pulled my shirt down as far as it would go, bent my knees to bring it down a little further and then backed my way to the front door. Let me tell you, it’s not easy unlocking a door behind your back.

And finally the piece de resistance! A couple of months ago, after burning the candle at both ends for too many days in a row, I was lucky to leave the house with shoes, let along being ‘put together’. I’m going to try to be delicate about this... But I had been at work for a couple hours when I decided to take a restroom break. I was finally awake enough to find my way down the hall. Much to my chagrin (I’ve always wanted to say that), I discovered that my underpants were actually on backwards. You heard me. Now, all I could really do is laugh about it. I can’t even believe I’m sharing it. But, I mean it’s pretty funny and its a totally true story. When I came to my senses, I was actually more disturbed by the fact that I didn’t “feel” the error before I saw it! I mean it would be like walking around with your shoes on the wrong feet, right? How can you miss that? So, I chalked it up to sleep deprivation and went about my day.
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And it’s not just the wardrobe malfunctions that make me feel undainty. I’m a total clutz. I’m very serious about this. I fall down so much that I actually tell people I do it on purpose to keep myself humble. It’s a little ridiculous. I think it’s because I’ve always got something going on in my head that has nothing to do with hand/eye... or hand/feet coordination. Things like paintings I want to create, pots I want to make or ideas for outlandish stories. My mind goes where it goes and that’s it. I don’t really want to control it because it’s my purpose. It’s what makes me happy and if that means I need to endure some bruised knees... or a bruised ego, well, so be it!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like girlie things. I’ve even embraced the color pink in the past few years. I used to hate pink with a passion, so that’s a dainty step forward. And I would love to have the time to spend primping... okay even I don’t believe that about myself... but I do like to dress up occasionally. In fact, I’d actually like to design and make my own clothes. I just don’t have the time. On my list of priorities primping is just not at the top. It’s more like #147. I’d much rather be throwing pots with clay smeared from hair to toes, covered in paint or digging in the dirt outside. I’m just happier that way.  And from now on, I’ll pay particularly close attention to the front and back of my underpants!
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  1. I wish it was that easy being perfect and that put together.. unfortunalty we are real women in teh real world.. we work, we live our life to the fullest as best as we can. I take care of a wonderful little person who usually needs me to do things for him before i do them for me.. so I put my hair in a pony if i get taht far... In your blog you did have me laughing some.. I can relate. Dear dear Lori!~You might not have meant to make me laugh.... But you did. I thought i was the only one to have this kind of luck. Im not graceful at all either...