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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mid-Life Crisis Wanderlust

I can hardly believe it, but this year I turn 40. Yep, the big FOUR-OH! I used to think that guys with their mid-life crisis excuse used to buy red convertibles and step out on their wives were completely full of shit, yep, you heard me. But as I fast approach this milestone of mid-life, I am starting to believe there is something to it. And YES Virginia, women can have mid-life crises as well. I know this because I am smack dab in the middle of one and have been for nearly a year now. There are some other stressful things happening in my life, but I truly believe my behavior and feelings of late are directly related to being 40.

I am happy to say that I bought a convertible. It's actually a Jeep Wrangler, which is the perfect convertible for a Montana girl like me. In fact, when I pull up along side a red Miata sporting a blonde (which is essentially the anti-me), I actually consider running over her... or just running over the Miata ;) I am also happy to say that my newly found and dearly loved convertible has spawned many bumper sticker ideas, so it might actually pay for itself in the long run. Not to mention the fact that I can climb things, run over things, barrel through the mud and feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face. What's better than that?

Another odd thing is happening to me in this wave of second childhood. I feel like changing... Changing everything actually... Me, where I live, my job, my city. There are days when I just want to unzip my "me-suit", put my dog in the Jeep and hit the road for destinations unknown. I think the only things I don't really want to change are my dog and my Jeep.

Honestly, if I had enough money to feel secure about it, I'd be gone tomorrow. I'd hit the road in search of adventure, eligible lumberjacks or maybe Vikings... or maybe both? I'd also see as much of this country and other attached countries as I could possibly see. When I finally wore out the Jeep, I'd grab a flight to Europe and do the same--maybe my Viking search would be more successful there?

Picture the adventure as a little "Eat.Pray.Love" a little tattoo parlor, and a little "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe". Bon Voyage!

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