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Friday, April 22, 2011

Going Topless

Evidently, May 14th is national "Go Topless" day as declared by Jeep owners around the country. I think it should be an official federal holiday, but what do I know? I'm counting down the days. The best part of having a Jeep is the ability to take the top off and really enjoy it. In fact, I nearly broke down at the end of topless season last year. Spending the winter under the top was downright claustrophobic!

Why do I talk so much about my Jeep? Well, there is nothing better than being in the middle of the mountains, nothing between me and Big Sky country. I absolutely love it. And when I can't sleep, which is quite often, I like to go for a night drive. It's hard to concentrate on the road with the stars in full view, but it's totally worth it. In the summer, if I'm able to take lunch away from work and take a drive, it feels like a sun-filled mini vacation. 

And there seems to be a genuine Jeep subculture as well. I didn't know this until after I bought it, but Jeep drivers waive, nod and honk at each other in solidarity. Who knew?!

I know I seem a little obsessed with my Jeep, but it's not because I think the Jeep is cool, or better than other vehicles. Instead, it's a couple of things. I bought it just for me, because I liked it, not because it was practical---it's absolutely NOT! And I love what it does for me. It makes me feel free. And when life is full of responsibilities, hardship and decisions, it's nice to just BE. And that's how I feel in it. In touch with all my senses at the same time. Like I am a part of the wind and the sun. Like I can fly, even if it's not too gracefully.

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