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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm a Little Fringe-y

[Dedicated to Jim Thomsen]

So, I know I talk a lot about Vikings and manly men and yes, they do make me a little weak in the knees, but funny or quirky is equally attractive. I’ve never really been into the perfectly coiffed preppie, at any age. I appreciate that type of manly beauty as an artist, but don’t really see them as mate material, at least for me. In fact, when I see a man with perfect hair (you’ll see this in the upcoming “Rules to Live By” blog) or a perfect suit, I want to push them into a puddle or mess up their hair. It’s a nearly uncontrollable urge! But I also like my freedom, so I refrain from showing my crazy in public.

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I actually dated a young Republican once. He was in college, I was finishing high school. I felt very cool dating an older “man”, who were we kidding. And he was a really great guy. I did genuinely like  him. He’s married and happy now, I’m sure. And that’s good. At the time I thought I was also a young Republican, but it turns out I was just confused. I realized this when a friend, who coincidentally was voted “most likely to overthrow the government” sat me down in her basement to read me the Democratic Platform.  It’s only recently that I’ve truly embraced my fringe-y nature.

Why am I “fringe-y”. Well, I love pretty much anything alternative. It’s just more interesting. UFO nuts, Goth & Emo freaks, wiccans & pagans... Buddhists. I’m just teasing about the last one being alternative, but sometimes here in the agri-business capital, Buddhism IS alternative. Which ultimately makes me... really weird.

I actually started thinking about this because a new friend on facebook posted a picture of a pile of magazines containing a UFO enthusiast publication. (Thank you Jim) There’s a magazine for everything, right? I bet there’s a magazine for people who wear black shoes on Tuesday. Really! Anyway, he posted the image with a “Would you date this person?” comment. Behind the UFO mag was a copy of Men’s Health.

I have to say, I’d much rather spend time with an obsessed X-Files fan... even an alleged “abductee” than someone who talks about their abs all night... or their ass for that matter. Give me looney or give me death, they’re just more interesting.

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I dated a very nice stock broker once. We were sitting at a table, having a drink and he was chattering away about the Market and I had to think for a second about which market he was talking... When it finally came to me, I had lost track of the conversation and as I was trying desperately to catch up, I also realized that I had completely and utterly forgotten his name. Not really a good sign when you forget your date’s name. I don’t usually worry too much about this, because I forget names all the time. I never forget a face or conversations that I have with people... unless we’re talking about the stock market... Anyway, I had to do some creative word association in order to find it again, but managed to do so before the “good nights”.

I’m not good at “good nights”, either. They’re just awkward. You know what I mean. You’re wondering how it went, if you’re hair needs a comb, if you’ve got spinach in your teeth or if you said something stupid. I’ve resigned myself to just knowing I’ve said something stupid... probably more than one thing, actually. And of course the elephant in the room is the “to kiss or not to kiss” question.

Now, I’ve said this before, but I'm an extremely independent woman. In fact, I can be a little bullozer-y if I have a strong opinion. But I will not, under any circumstances initiate the good night kiss. I just can’t. It’s not in my DNA. I feel like a total bonehead and I am suicidally afraid of rejection. Besides, that’s a “man’s job”...  and that will be the ONLY time you hear me say “that’s a man’s job”. I  can’t believe I even said it, but it’s true. That’s how I feel about it. Like I said, I like the manly Viking/caveman approach. But I also like funny and smart, so this presents a dilemma.

I’ve decided that I will write a description for my future mate. I’m going to write it like a personal ad, but just so you know, I wouldn’t ever actually run it. Here goes:

Strong independent woman, willing to bring home the bacon for a progressive Viking who does laundry, dishes and has a clever wit. Must love dogs and a curvy woman. [Lumpy might be a better word here, but this is on the fringe of fiction, so what the hell.] Math & computer skills appreciated. Must be willing to go topless (jeep reference) and a kilt would be a bonus.

Well, there you go. It's out there in the universe now... let's see what happens ;)


  1. Thanks for the dedication, Lori. I agree with what you say here. In fact, I long ago coined a phrase: "Being boring is more offensive than being offensive."

  2. oh, hey! *I* got voted most likely to overthrow the government!!